Happy Graduation Colin And Justine!

Colin Scott and Justine Sherry were awarded their PhDs today at the Department of Engineering graduation ceremony.

Scott Shenker elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Congratulations to Scott!

Justine Sherry Receives 2016 David J. Sakrison Memorial Prize

Congratulations to Justine!

Justine Sherry Interviewed on Packet Pushers Podcast

Hear the interview with Justine here.

Justine Sherry

National Science Foundation Recognizes NetSys Students and Alumni

Congratulations to Ethan Jackson, Akshay Narayan, and NetSys alumni Soumya Basu and Shoumik Palkar, who have been recognized by the National Science Foundation!

Ethan and Soumya have been awarded fellowships, and Akshay and Shoumik were given honorable mentions.