Three of the HotNets submissions are accepted!

On the Future of Congestion Control for the Public Internet, Remote Memory Calls, and Bertha. Congratulations!

Murphy McCauley Joins Mount Holyoke as an Assistant Professor

Murphy was advised by Prof. Scott Shenker. His research focuses on examining the network layers that fall between hardware and applications and making improvements to performance and functionality. Checkout his research works and his thesis.

Persimmon is accepted at OSDI '20

Congratulations to Wen!

CESSNA ande Kappa are accepted at SoCC '20

Congratulations to the authors!

Emmanuel Amaro Presents CFM at EuroSys '20

As memory requirements grow, and advances in memory technology slow, the availability of sufficient main memory is increasingly the bottleneck in large compute clusters. Can far memory improve job throughput? Checkout the paper and presentation.